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How does growing up in a tough neighborhood affect your education?

Growing up in a very poor neighborhood can be a challenge to most kids and teenagers. It can be a challenge at school or even at home. This theory does not only apply to the people in the United States but it also applies to many other children and teenagers who deal with this problem on a daily basis. This is an issue that community leaders have dealt with for many years. I have noticed that my friends who actually live in good neighborhoods end up graduating more than my friends who live in bad neighborhoods. Going to schools in poor neighborhoods can be a challenge because it can be unsafe to even get to school. I bet that most of the kids that go to school in the ghetto only go because the law requires them to, but some of them don’t even respect the law and do whatever they want.

Just like there can be bad kids in poor neighborhoods there are also good kids looking for a way to leave the neighborhood and the way to leave the poor neighborhood is throughout education. This kids that try to succeed in poor neighborhood schools have way more obstacles than kids that may go to schools in better areas or communities. Some students that attend schools in poor and crime rising neighborhoods say that “Pencils are as common as weapons and students have many things in common with prison inmates”. This makes me realize how a student’s life can be in the ghetto knowing that other students may carry knives and up to guns in your school.

In California schools that are located in very poor neighborhoods receive less money than schools that are located in less poverty areas. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/27/study-ca-schools-in-poor_n_592067.html)

So instead of actually making the schools located in poor areas better the government makes them worse by giving them fewer funds than schools in nicer areas. This affects the education from the students and makes it a bigger challenge for them to concentrate and attend.  We can all help the community and lives of the students by doing community service and encouraging others to do so. I believe that until the people in the community don’t do anything then a change won’t happen.

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