High school student dropouts

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What are the affects of stress on high school students?

As we all know students all over the country deal with stress situations in school and

at home but some others commit bad decisions such like

doing drugs or even dropping out of high school so they  can just no

longer have the pressure and stress that they had before. High school

years should be a great experience, but many demands and rapid changes can make them

one of the most stressful times of life. Students today face increasing amounts of

school work, assignment deadlines, and exams. By having all this stress and thoughts in

their heads they will probably not be able to focus on school work and studying for

exams. All the school assignments will take most of their “free time” and being able to

play sports, having hobbies and socializing with others will no longer exist because they

won’t have the time to enjoy life. This stress can be really hard to deal with and if the

students aren’t careful they may end up making bad decisions that can affect their future

such as dropping out of high school or falling into drugs. Many teenagers prefer to do

drugs such as smoking marijuana to deal with the stress that they have in school and at

home with their parents but being involved with drugs can just make things worse.

Many students in high school are always pressured to get in to the best collages and

Universities by their counselors, by teachers, by their parents and by community

members. This stress can show up in poor grades and a change in their behavior. Many

students enter into cliques or social groups where individuals are able to be recognized as

valuable member for who they are, regardless of the quality of their school work.

Members of cliques or gangs often become subject to peer pressure, which may change

their relationships with their parents, teachers, and counselors in a negative way. Many

teenagers just don’t know what to do with this frustrating so called “epidemic” among

teenagers. I have been recently stressed out sometimes I just don’t know what to really

do. I am mostly stressed out about schoolwork and exams that I may have in school. I get

a lot of homework and sometimes I fall asleep really late just for doing it. I am always

worried about the due dates in which I have to turn in my assignments. If I could make a

wish that would definitely come true it would be to not have homework at all for the rest

of my school life. Homework stresses my out really bad and the worst part is that it

prevents me from doing other things such as letting me spend time with my family and


Stress is frustrating but I’ve discovered that every time I work out or take a walk I

have less stress to deal with. As much as school can be stressful always be positive and

believe in yourself. To be able to overcome stress you must have a strong mind and a

good self esteem. Always have in mind that for every problem there is always a solution

and hard work definitely pays off. Not only will you feel better but you will have the

opportunity to have the time to interact with others and live life the correct way, by enjoying it.

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